Tagiwig Natural Pet

Natural Pets Tagiwig remedies for cats and dogs, provide a natural, gentle range of products to help your pets with their everyday ailments such as fleaing, worming, wandering jew allergies, immune boosting and more. 

Are we poisoning our pets?

More and more pet owners are now looking for ways they can treat their pets with products that are gentle, natural and don’t come with the nasty side effects.  

In today’s society conventional medicine definitely has it place and has helped to save many lives, but owners are becoming increasingly aware of the long term consequences to their pets health by using conventional based products.  People don't feel comfortable using conventional flea treatments on their pets, or continually giving their pets with itchy skin steroids. 

We have to ask the question “Why are our pets now developing diseases that only we used to get”, such as diabetes, kidney disease and cancer.  Are these problems coming from the pollutants and toxins that we expose them to everyday? 

From the atmosphere they live in, to the food we feed them, stress and the products we use on them, these are all compounding burdens upon their immune systems.  At Natural Pet it is our passion to help pet owners like you, have natural healthy pets.  

Who is Natural Pet?

We are Animal Homeopaths and Herbaliststhat have developed the Tagiwig range, and we use our products on our own pets.  

The Tagiwig range of remedies for cats and dogs is a unique natural blend that brings together the best of homeopathy and herbal medicine.  They are manufactured by hand here in New Zealand, so you are supporting a locally owned and operated NZ small business.