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AgPharm Pet Mouthwash 100mL

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100% made in New Zealand

Features & Benefits:

  • An effective anti-bacterial for the control of gingivitis and bad breath in animals.
  • Simply spray into the mouth of your pet once or twice daily.
  • Safe for all sizes and pups/kittens.
  • Handy 100 ml mist spray.

Pet Mouthwash is an ingestible anti-bacterial spray that contains no alcohol, Iodine or other non-ingestible chemicals normally found in a mouthwash. It is effective against the bacteria that causes Gingivitis and bad breath in dogs and cats and completely neutralises bad animal breath. The product has no side-effects, can be applied as regularly as required, is non-irritant and can be used on adult dogs and cats as well as puppies and kittens.