Assist balanced bone growth in puppies and kittens

Bone Growth
A combination of cell salts and flower essence to assist balanced bone growth in puppies and kittens.
"I just couldn't get any weight on my puppy, I tried several different products. I finally found Natural Pet's bone growth formula, within a week she started filling out, now she is a healthy happy puppy. I was amazed at the change in her." - Greg,Wellington

What is Bone Growth?
Bone Growth is a unique all natural homeopathic and flower essence blend. It has been designed and developed by Animal Homeopaths and Herbalists.
Bone growth is a natural, gentle way to promote healthy growth in your puppies and kittens. This product is not a calciumsupplement. We don’t believe in adding extra calcium into their diet, they usually get enough of this from the food they eat. The problem is that even with a well balanced diet the body sometimes fails to assimilate the calcium / phosphorus and send it to the right places.
Can also be given to pregnant and lactating queens to assist them with their calcium / phosphorus balance.

How to administer:
Bone Growth is in liquid form, you just add it to their water bowl every week. Instructions are on the bottle. All remedies have a shelf life of 5 years.
25ml bottle

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