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Drama Queen - Stress & Anxiety

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Emotional upset, stress, anxiety and hysterical behaviour including over grooming and separation anxiety.

Drama Queen
A homeopathic and herbal blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from minor emotional upset, anxiety and stressful behaviour.
Drama Queen by Natural Pet is great at helping to settle an animal finding themselves in stressful situations – going to the kennels or catteries or the groomers.
What is Drama Queen?
Drama Queen is an all natural herbal and homeopathic blend. Drama Queen is great for any animals that have become unbalanced on the mental emotional levels, whether that is due to stress, anxiety or a frightening event. Any form of upset that causes the animals to become, restless, hysterical, scared, jumpy and fretful. Over grooming is a sign of anxeity or stress in a cat. Hyperactivity in a cat or dog. Separation anxiety can be felt by both dogs and cats and isalso be another form of stress that your pet may feel when you go out.
Homeopathically we have used acon, ars, ign, kali p, phos, asaf and herbally Passion flowers and Chamomile.
How to administer:
Drama Queen is in liquid form, we prefer that it is put straight into the mouth of the animal making sure not to contaminate the dripper. But we do realise that this is not always an option, it can therefore be added to food.
Dosage depends upon the weight of the animal, but you will get several administrations out of a bottle, full instructions are on the bottle. Bottles have a shelf life of 5 years. When the animal is generally in this state of mind it can be administered 3 x daily for up to 5 days.
25ml Bottle
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