Does Your Dog Need a Car Restraint?

When traveling with your pooch, it's always better to be safe than sorry. If you don't let your kids loose in a car, your pets shouldn't be either.

This pet car safety clip just plugs into your regular seat belt attachment at one end and clips onto your dogs harness or collar at the other end. A quick and easy way to restrain your dog when travelling, just like us!


Light weight, easy to use
This product is made of nylon fabric
Because of this adjustable strap, your pet can sit, lie down or stand freely.
Great for keeping you and your dog & cat safe while travelling
Fully adjustable and attachable to all vehicles' seat belt receptacles
Fits to all saleable belt locks
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Available in 2 convenient sizes:
Small - $11.90
Adjustable length: 30 - 60 cm
Width: appro.2.5 cm(1 inch)
Large - $14.90
Adjustable length: 62 - 106 cm
Width: appro.2.5 cm(1 inch)

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