Scientific Professional Cat Litter 1.36kg - SUPER SPECIAL!!!!

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  • Helps detect FLUTD 
  • Neutralizes Odours 
  • Clumping 
  • Flushable 
  • Eco-Friendly

Scientific Professional Cat Litter is designed to meet the highest standards of cats and their people.
This incredible litter out-performs all other litters in every way - from odour control to convenience. In addition, its patented formula helps you detect and monitor potentially fatal Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), which is responsible for millions of vet visits annually. Scientific Professional shows you when your cat has a high pH (urine is too alkaline), a major indicator for urinary tract problems or infections. The easy-to-read Early Warning Indicator chart on the package can help you determine how serious the problem may be.

Scientific Professional is also light weight - 70% lighter than standard clay-based litters, and it absorbs four times as much. This virtually dust free, low tracking litter is made from natural eco-friendly components and contains no clay, sand, or harmful carcinogens. It clumps and flushes easily - and is safe for all septic systems. Scientific Professional uses the Superior odour control of Eco De Odor, a natural, non-toxic odour eliminator that actually neutralizes litter box smells. Scientific Professional Cat Litter from Pet Ecology is safe for pets, people nad the planet.


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Such good value!

    Posted by Tracy on 11th Jul 2012

    This is great litter, it clumps really well and of course has the added bonus of being able to monitor your kitty's urine ph.

    One bag is about 1/3 as heavy as a bag of standard vet clinic litter that I bought (that really didn't clump at all, useless) and I was thinking that it was alot more expensive because of the ph testing, but when it arrived it turned out that it was the same size bag as the vet clinic stuff, it is just way lighter. So it was not much more expensive at all for a far superior product.

    The only thing is, it smells quite funny to start with. But my cats are happy to use it, so thats the main thing.

    Very very happy with this litter.