Carnivoro Raw Food (NZ Made)


Are You Hunting For The Very Best, Natural Nutrition For Your Pet?
You Have Come To The Right Place.

We’re animal lovers just like you, and we’re passionate about crafting real food for your pets, just as nature intended. That means we use 100% whole, raw food ingredients and that’s all – strictly no chemicals, grains, additives or preservatives.

Since inception, Carnivoro’s sole ambition has been about giving you - our customers, a range of species appropriate meals that encourage your pet to reach their full potential. How do we do this? It’s simple – we craft meals in line with what cats and dogs have evolved to eat.  Based on the globally renowned Prey Model diet, our meals are crafted to optimise the health and well-being of your pet, improve existing health conditions and help them to lead longer and healthier lives.

Our meals only use quality, raw ingredients ensuring your pet receives the right balance of essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fat required for their optimum diet.

All of our ingredients are carefully and ethically sourced throughout New Zealand and Australia from local farms and registered hunters and then carefully blended in our own premises right here in New Zealand.

Carnivoro offers two ranges – Classic and Wild, encouraging variety and enabling you to choose the right variants to meet your pet’s individual needs.  

Carnivoro’s Classic range focuses on delivering the highest quality, simplest pet cuisine, whist our Wild range focuses on combining leaner wild meats that are deemed ethically and nutritionally superior. Our Wild range is also suitable for animals that suffer from a range of health conditions.

So For Happy, Healthy Cats And Dogs Feed Them Carnivoro – Real, Raw, Good.



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