Premium Timothy Chaff

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Product Overview

Timothy Hay Chaff for Small Pets
Quality timothy hay is key to keeping your small pets happy and healthy! 


  • healthy digestion 
  • a shiny coat
  • natural chewing behavior.

Digestive Health
An herbivore’s digestive system benefits from constant grazing. Timothy grass is fibrous and stimulates the digestive system, keeping stools regular while preventing bloat and harmful GI stasis. Plus, timothy grass contains balanced nutrients and very little fat, so it’s ideal to ward off weight gain.

Dental Health
Rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas grow cheek teeth throughout their lives to ensure the animals’ ongoing ability to chew. Timothy hay helps to clean and wear these teeth down, which staves off overgrowth. While chew sticks can be supplemented, timothy grass should be the first line of defense against painful, problematic overgrown teeth.

Coat and Fur Health
The condition of your pet’s coat is a great indication of his health. A shiny, soft coat is a good sign your herbivore is receiving the proper nutrition.

NOTE: Make sure to provide fresh water available at all times!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review