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Wire Dispenser Ball

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This dispenser ball features:

  • Has a door for putting hay/vegetables in easily 
  • Clip onto any wire cage 
  • Chew proof construction 
  • Keeps treats clean and sanitary 
  • Eliminates wasted and soiled food 
  • Can be filled with hay, grass, fresh vegetables and other assorted treats/food for your small animal

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • Small - 8cm (3.25") Diameter = $9 
  • Large - 11cm (4.5") Diameter = $12 

Remember that giving food to your pet is not just a matter of making sure it gets its nutrients. Food is also something that is mentally stimulating and interesting for your pet. Most animals in the wild spend a good portion of their day looking for food. When we give them all the food they want all the time in one place in their cage it can be pretty boring! We are essentially taking away the “work” they do and it is no wonder animals can become lethargic and overweight. Once your pet is comfortable in your home and is eating well, try making some changes in how and where you feed. Try putting their vegetables or hay in this dispenser ball so they have to forage for it to make their life a bit more interesting!! 
For rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and pet rats.