Is your Chinny or Guinea Pig getting rounder & rounder?? Then you need this!! This exercise wheel is a must for every Chinchilla owner!!

KT Comfort Wheel Giant 30cm

KAYTEE Giant Comfort Wheel is perfectly sized for cruising chinchillas or physically fit pet rats. The Giant Comfort Wheel also provides a fun fitness experience for guinea pigs and ferrets. The Comfort Wheel features a safe, solid running surface, quiet operation and a "tail-safe" design, allowing pets an easy entrance and exit. Every Comfort Wheel comes with a heavy duty wire stand and a 2-way attachment clip, so the wheel can be used either free-standing or clipped to a wire cage. 

  • Encourage safe and healthy exercise
  • 12" diameter wheel is ideal for chinchillas, pet rats, or other small animals
  • Available in assorted colors
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