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Petrek 3G (New Model)

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Introducing our all new Petrek 3G, officially the smallest 3G Pet tracker in the World. Now fully waterproofed for up to 30 minutes of swimming for Dogs that love water! While, almost 50% smaller than our best selling Petrek GPS trackers.


  • Worlds first smallest 3G dedicated tracker for pets.
  • Free App - ipet (support android & iOS)
  • Support Google Maps
  • Smart Universal silicon cover for all units
  • IP67 Waterproof - Swimmable for up to 10 meters deep for 30 minutes
  • Patent Magnetic Head Charging - No more plugs!
  • Long battery life: Up to 7 days life in power saving mode (1-2 days in normal mode)
  • Designed in NZ. Made in Taiwan
  • Support 3G (3.75GHSPA), Edge and GPRS (2G)
  • Works in all 2G and 3G networks worldwide.
  • Support GPS/GLONASS
  • Proven Formula, easy upgrade for current Petrek users, everything stays the same, just a smaller and better tracker with sider range of tracking.

Finally there is an answer to all the heartache and distress caused by losing a pet. The Petrek 3G delivers the highest standard of pet tracking for owners who want continuous knowledge of the whereabouts of their beloved pets. The 30 gram unit easily attaches onto any cat or dog collar with a special silicon case or a plastic clip and its associated app seamlessly integrates with most smart-phones; both Apple iOS & Android.

In a nutshell, you can pinpoint your pet’s location on your mobile phone; see where they’ve been; and, receive instant alerts if your pet breaches the boundaries of your property. The mobile application uses satellite Google mapping images and can even compile up to 1 month of location data into a heat mapping display to give you an indication of your pet’s favorite hang out hot-spots.

There are three simple tracking modes to choose from: urgent mode which will track your pets location on 30 second interval updates; normal mode which will track your pets location on 5 minutes interval updates; or, power saving mode which will track your pets location on 2 hours interval updates and will also increase the Petrek’s battery performance up to 5 days. Note that each update requires both GPS and GSM signal, so it won't always update if your pet is just sitting at home watching TV with you!

Unlike competing products on the market, the Petrek 3G does not bind you into any monthly or yearly contract fees. Every order comes with a Skinny or Vodafone prepay sim card pack. You will just need to add credit to the number of the SIM card much like a prepay phone to start using your Petrek 3G. In most cases it should only cost you $5-20 credit to run for a whole year depending on the network you're with. Or simply use a shared plan with your current mobile plan.

We are the first to have a  Pet tracker that now supports the SPARK/SKINNY network giving you more rural tracking range!

Order your Petrek 3G today and be reassured that you’re pet will always be in safe hands with Petrek. 

Fine print:

  • iPet App best used with newer Android phones and iPhones with at least a 1.2ghz Dual core processor. Recommend Android phones for best usage.
  •  Heat mapping feature is available on Android devices only due to iOS limitations; however, daily history playback is still possible with iOS devices as long as your phone let's the App update in the background.
  • Petrek 3G is suitable for small to large sized pets that are around 3kg and up. Please check dimensions and weight (30 grams) before purchase. We DO NOT provide refunds should you find the item too big, please read our Refund policy at the bottom of the checkout page for more information.
  •  Location update accuracy depends on GPS Signal/Google Maps and can vary from 0.5m-25m+. Tracker works on Vodafone, Spark & Skinny network.

  • Each update requires GPS signal, GSM signal (mobile reception) and movement. Without these three necessities the tracker will not update. E.g, when the cat is at home hiding under a bed with no GPS signal. In this case, the app will just show the last update before the cat ran into the house to hide or connect to the nearest mobile cell tower which can be anywhere from 20m to 5km's away. So always check if the update was updated via GPS reception or Cell tower.
  • Device is IP67 waterproof certified, meaning the tracker can be fully submerged in water for up to 30 minutes long and 1 metre deep. Please make sure any seawater is to be washed off after usage with fresh water.
  • Every tracker requires a SIM card, so when you receive your Petrek 3G, we will already have provided a Vodafone Prepay SIM card with instructions on topping up. While a Spark or Skinny SIM will also work it will cost significantly more to run. Costings are noted at the bottom of this product page.

  • Dimensions are 46mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 19mm(H) without the plastic collar clip or collar adapting silicon jelly case. Weight is 29 Grams without SIM card, or 30 Grams with SIM Card.

  • All Petrek GPS and 3G trackers come with builtin rechargeable battery. The Petrek 3G uses a world first magnetic waterproof charging port, this means you can charge without pulling any waterproof covers. The port acts like a magnet for the charging head and attaches itself when the plug gets close enough. Charging is required daily on frequent update modes (Urgent. normal etc) or can be charged once every 3-5 days if in power saving mode. Please note battery life is very dependent on reception. The better the reception the longer the battery life. We are constantly tweaking this new model to achieve maximum battery life so expect battery life to increase as your tracker automatically updates during usage. Charging takes less than 1 hour.