K9 Connectables Starter Pack

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Product Overview

K9 Connectables are dog toys designed to engage, stimulate and entertain your canine friend for longer than your average dog toys! They utilize your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and work for food, challenging them to unlock the treats inside.

Made from a durable non toxic plastic, K9 Connectables can be stuffed with treats and connected together, the dog can smell the food but cannot get at the treats, they have to work to break the connection and get their rewards!

Starter Pack includes 1 Tech Bone, 1 Original and 1 Dentist toy.

The Tech Bone is brilliant for fetch and a safe alternative for sticks. Attach other toys from the K9Connectables range to create large assemblies that dogs will love breaking apart for their rewards. Stuff the bone shaped hole in the Tech Bone with peanut butter or healthy spread for a paw licking good time!

The Original is a bouncy ball that connects to trap treats or food inside. Dogs will love trying to break them apart to get their reward. The Original has two connection levels of difficulty.

The Original also fits in tennis ball launchers and floats on water. They are great for the beach or the park and are excellent safe toys for fetch and all-round fun!

The Dentist has small grooves on the outside of the toy that dogs can’t help but bite down on… this helps promote dental hygiene and keeps teeth clean! There are three connection levels of difficulty on The Dentist which makes them a little harder than the Original to break apart for tasty rewards and of course connect with the whole K9Connectables range for play time that lasts longer.

Available Sizes:

  • Mini (dogs 3-8kg) 
  • Midi (dogs 8-25kg) 
  • Large (dogs 20-40kg)

Colours: Purple/Yellow/Orange - Blue/Purple/Pink


(No reviews yet) Write a Review