Dog Gone Smart Rectangular Bed Large

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Product Overview


  • Traditional rectangular pet bed for dogs that love to stretch out and be comfortable
  • Ecologically clean NanoSphere textile finish repels liquids, dirt, and coat oils naturally
  • Perfect fit for dogs up to 100 pounds (45kg)
  • Made using 100% soft cotton canvas only
  • Hypoallergenic fiber fill bounces right back to a high loft after dog leaves the bed

Large Sizes Measurements: 101cm x 76cm x 9cm (D)

Colours Available: Beige, Navy

Dog Gone Smart is proud to introduce nanotechnology to the pet industry.  These beds stay clean naturally, reduce the spread of bacteria and stand up to the wear and tear of the most active dog by using certified and patented NanoSphere fabric finish and a bacteriostatic technology that reduces the spread of bacteria which is a common cause of the "doggie" smell as well as bacteria infections and allergens creating a healthier environment for our dog.  These fabrics are non-toxic and pet safe. The NanoSphere® finish even carries the label bluesign approved.

What's inside a Dog Gone Smart Rectangle Bed?

Our rectangle beds are generously filled with hypoallergenic soft hollow-core slick fiber fill. This high-quality fill allows dogs to nest which they love to do, but bounces back to a high loft when they leave! Our unique silicon-coated polyfill  eliminates any lumping or unevenness to the bed. Wow, now that's something to bark about!

*The inside fill and liner should not be washed, but can be shaken out and aired to maintain cleanliness.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review