Venison Liver Jerky

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Product Overview

Happy Pet uses a freeze-drying process which produces a light, crunchy product with optimal preservation of the natural nutrients and bulk (i.e. not shrivelled or very hard).

This treat is clean and dry to handle and easy to break into small pieces. Great for training, rewarding and for adding excitement to a mixed diet.

  • All-natural, pure, dried NZ venison.
  • No additives or preservatives.
  • An excellent source of natural nutrients including protein, vitamins and iron*.

Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities (e.g. to colours, preservatives, flavours, mutton, beef, cereals).

Available in:

  • 100g - $16.50/bag  (This has been rebagged by us from bulk supply, therefore is in our own packaging!)
  • 1kg - $140

* Note that only the equivalent of up to 2 full meals a week of any sort of liver should be fed to a dog. Intake of liver in greater quantities than this can cause vitamin A poisoning.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review