Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser

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Nilodor deodorises smells in an average-size room in seconds, effectively neutralising unpleasant odours.  Nilodor is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, nursery, bedroom, pet areas, car and all areas where unwanted odours occur. Remember: one drop is enough.

Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser 7.5ml

Neutralises unwanted smells fast - one drop is enough.

  • Air conditioner & heater units: place 2 or 3 drops of nilodor on a cotton or paper swab and attach to the grille of air-conditioning or heating units (especially recommended for deodorizing large rooms halls bathrooms etc
  • Kitchen odours disappear: nilodor neutralises all cooking odours, place one drop on warm surfaces of stove away from burners (note: warm surfaces increase nilodor's efficiency)
  • Nilodor gives a fresh wash: 2 or 3 drops of nilodor in rinsing water or bleaching solution gives a fresh aroma to everything you wash
  • The nursery: place one drop directly in the waste basket or on the floor and after putting a soiled nappy in its container
  • Nurses prefer nilodor: sick room odours are disturbing to everyone & depress and tire the patient, 1 or 2 drops of nilodor neutralises these odours
  • Nilodour helps when mopping: place 2 drops in a bucket of water - Nilodor gives the mopped area a fresh airy atmosphere for many hours


(No reviews yet) Write a Review