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Bark Free

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A great alternative to shock collars! Train dogs not to bark quickly using this great disciplinary sound device. Has a special sound sensor that activates when it hears the dog barking.

Special Features:

  • 9m range
  • only activated when the dog is barking
  • ultrasonic (silent to humans) mode as well as audible
  • sounds are unpleasant but not harmful to the dogs
  • effective both indoors and outdoors
  • ideal for urban areas
  • top quality USA product

This special sound sensor activates when it hears the dog barking up to 9 metres away, and shuts off when the barking stops. It can be switched on to ultrasonic (silent to humans) or audible settings. Dogs have very sensitive hearing and can hear high frequency sounds that humans can't hear. The sounds emitted are unpleasant to the dogs but will not harm them. They learn very quicklly that if they bark, they will have to put up with a short burst of disciplinary sound!  Effective both indoors and outdoors, and recommended in Urban areas where there are neighbours very close to your dog kennel. 

Size: 150mm wide x 70mm deep x 186mm high.